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Lawn tennis is a very form of sport played worldwide. It is a sport played with a racket. You can individually play this sport against an opponent. Tennis stars are more popular than the game itself and people literally worship these stars all around the world. Handicap betting in tennis is very common.

The only equipment required to play tennis is the racket, tennis ball and tennis court. The rules of tennis are simple to follow and it is an interesting game to play.

What are the Rules of Playing Lawn Tennis

Lawn tennis is played on a rectangular court. A net is fixed at the center. The game is played by hitting the ball with the racket and sending it over to the opponent’s side. The ball must remain within the margins of the court otherwise you will lose points. In case your opponent fails to return the ball, you score a point. A tennis match can be played by one player in each side called a singles match or two players in each side called a doubles match. There are four tennis tournaments played in a year. To win a game of tennis, you need to score four points. Scores of tennis are in the form of points- 15, 30 and 40. 15 means 1 point, 30 means 2 points and 40 means 3 points. You have to win six such games and at least two more than your opponent to win a set.

What is Handicap Number in Lawn Tennis

The handicap number is the total number of games played by the player. For example- suppose in a tennis tournament, Stan Wawrinka played 6 games in the first set, 3 in the second and 6 again in the third. His opponent, Rafael Nadal plays 3 games in the first set, 6 in the second and 3 in the third. The total games played by Wawrinka would be 15 and of Nadal would be 12. The Handicap number would be 15-12=3. This is how the handicap number is calculated.

The handicaps are placed when you want to back your strong favorite. But like any other game, handicapping also requires proper strategy.

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