postheadericon Recovering From a Bad Beat in Online Poker

Pressing everything is a legitimate tactic in tournament poker, designed to intimidate opponents and shake them by the hand. This can be very effective, especially when you crowd in a lot of chips. But what about the fact that you just lost a big hand and your stack is low?

The reaction is bad for a “bad rhythm”: this is the death of many amateur players, especially in online poker. It is very easy to click on the big “All in” button, in a desperate attempt to redeem what you think is your legitimate chip. By not paying attention to your cards, you put your game completely in luck; Now that you need luck to get out of hell, you still need to be a tactician.

The reasons for this are double

First, you need the moment of your movements to maximize your income. Secondly, reckless actions could draw a goal in your stack for the rest of the tournament – if you win your crazy Overko, your opponents may simply believe that you are lucky and show no respect for the later stages of the competition.

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After losing, an all-in direct, regardless of what is called “rollover”. Effectively allow losses to affect your subsequent hands: do everything possible to avoid it. In 1982, Jack Strauss won as the winner of the World Series of agen sbobet, after an adaptation to a big loss that left him only $ 500 chips (a very small amount in this stage of the WSOP).

He pushed all in straight and doubled

He did it again and again won. In 48 hours, he had all the chips of the tournament and was crowned as the winner. Strauss was perhaps stupid, and had luck with both hands, but it was his respectable reputation, which allowed him to continue from this moment and claim victory.

If the blinds / ancestors do not force you to get up, there is no reason why you cannot expect a strong hand. If a pair of aces falls on your virtual fingers just after the defeat – push. Your all-in can be considered desperate by other players, and they will feel inclined to call you mediocre hands, thus improving your chances of knocking down a big bank.


All this may seem a bit obvious, but often frustration can lead to a rejection of logic in poker. If you suffer a huge loss on the Internet, you can afford to get away from the computer for a minute and calm down before returning with your recovery game. Also, adhere to the free poker games and play without stress, with everything to win and nothing to lose.

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